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Project Director

With our unique approach, we improve the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of employees that yield better results,
increase employee satisfaction and make the working environment more pleasant. Our clients find it important that development programs
save their time, money and resources, but also bring back a smile to their managers and employees!

All our development programs are the result of the work of a large number of associates with different expertises, including psychologists, sociologists, instructors, coaches, HR and business consultants from across the region. Many of these programs have been developed for years, based on numerous studies in different fields and sectors, which has made it possible to fully adapt them to the needs of local markets.

■ The process of learning and development based on the most up-to-date methods and techniques resulting from many years of research
■ A unique combination of traditional training, technology and post-training activities based on individual, team and group coaching
■ For over 20 years, Profil has been using online platforms to prepare and implement various employee assessment and development programs

■ Before the training, participants fill in online questionnaires that ensure their full engagement during training, as well as additional customization of content and methodology
■ Specially created exercises that allow experience-based learning already during the training itself
■ Training is usually conducted by two instructors, one with a rich practical experience in employee and organization management and development, and the other with expertise in the field of psychology.