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Learning by observation and the power of subconscious mind – Does The Inner Game of Tennis also work for The Inner Game of Skiing?

“Mastering this game (tennis) is the subject of many books offering instructions: on how to swing a racket, club or bat, and how to position arms, legs or torso to achieve the best results. But for some reason most of us find these instructions easier to remember than to execute”, noticed Timothy Gallwey and Jonathan Cape in their cult book The Inner Game of Tennis.
Being in a “special mission” in the role of ski instructor of my daughter all these years, we’ ve pass the whole journey, starting from zero, this year we are skiing all tracks, including the most difficult black ski tracks. Learning process at all levels was much faster by (just) observing instructor’s movements and do the best in repeating it, than by trying to apply oral instructions. Authors mentioned above had explained why it happens and what is the role of subconscious mind in the learning process. What works for tennis also works for skiing – it’s proven from a fresh personal experience.

Miljan Spasic